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Meals in a Pinch

Food on a Budget for Large or Hungry Family.

Meals on a budget, for a large or hungry family
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Rules & Info
I created this community with the sole purpose of sharing meal ideas that are tasty, easy to prepare, and cost effictive for any family on a budget. Any member of this community can post tips, hints, recipes, budgeting hints, shopping tips and anything else you see relevant. Please make sure to read the rules below before posting though.
Ideally I would like all posts tagged as to make it easier on those of us looking for a certain recipe. You can tag it with what you consider the "main" ingredient or the type of meal. For instance if I were to post a recipe for BBQ Pork Sandwiches I would likely tag it with PORK and Sandwich. I am not going to be strict on this rule I just find it to be more of a courtesy than anything.

All posts should be on topic. This is not a place to advertise your ebay store, or another community.
All Posts Should be FRIENDS ONLY. This means if you want to participate in the community you must join it.
I will not tolerate drama! If you have a problem talk to one of the MODS. Do not take any content from this community to post in Snark Communities.

The inspiration for this community came from Hillbilly Housewife A great website for cooking on a budget, complete with recipies.

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